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A quarterly scientific journal publishing original papers on events and processes of regional and global scales on the following topics: Earth’s climate forming processes, natural and anthropogenic factors of changes in the climate system, detection and attribution of its trends and associated risks for natural and socio-economic systems, mitigation and adaptation issues. Articles presenting the results of climate system monitoring and significant events in the scientific world are also invited. The journal is published according to the decision of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

Articles are submitted and published in Russian or English. The publication of translations of articles published in the previous or current issues is also possible.

In articles published in Russian, translation of the Abstract and Key words into English, as well as a list of references in Latin characters, are given at the end of the article.

The date of publication of the article is the date of signing the whole issue for printing indicated on the back cover.

EDITORIAL BOARD: S. M. Semenov (Editor-in-Chief), M.Yu. Bardin (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), V.M. Kattsov (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), K.N. Anakhaev, A.S. Astakhov, R.V. Bekryaev, E.M. Volodin, V.B. Gennadinnik, V.A. Ginzburg, A.V. Eliseev, A.N. Zolotokrylin, A.L. Ivanov, , A.V. Kislov, A.V. Klepikov, A.G. Kostianoy, V.N. Krupchatnikov, S.A. Lavrov, V.F. Loginov, E.S. Nesterov, E. Ya. Rankova, V.A. Semenov, Yu.B. Skachkov, S.N. Stepanenko, A.M. Sterin, E.I. Khlebnikova.

Primary submission of manuscripts: Semenov S.M., IGCE, Glebovskaya str., 20B, 107258, Moscow, Russian Federation; e-mail:

Full bibliographic description of all articles published in the journal is presented in the Scientific Electronic Library ( for the formation of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

The journal is included into the List of Peer-reviewed Scientific Journals (compiled by Supreme Qualification Council), where basic scientific results of PhD and DSc dissertations must be published.

All papers submitted are peer-reviewed. The average review period for a single review is 4 months.

Anonymous review is carried out by one or two reviewers from among the members of the Editorial Board of the journal, as well as by external reviewers. All published articles are checked for plagiarism using, the results of which are documented and stored in the archive.

The Editorial Office of “Fundamental and applied climatology” finds it obligatory for authors, reviewers, editorial board members and editorial staff to meet requirements of the "Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications", developed and approved by the Committee on Scientific Publications Ethics as well as declares no conflicts of interest in the activities of the Editorial Board.

Publication in the journal is free of charge.

International standard serial number of the periodical ISSN 2410-8758.

Subscription index in the Rospechat catalogue – 58364.

Certificate of registration of the journal in the form of printed media: ПИ № ФС77-74294 of 09.11.2018.